Repaired & Zebra Marked By


Don’t need much but the clothes I wear. Money? Check! Lets Go!
I travel light. Don’t need a lot of stuff.
But whenever I go abroad….within 48 hours…I will buy a guitar.

I have bought guitars all over the world. Cheap, no casing, no wrapping. Played them all day, every day.
And then… Plains… Cargo…Luggage belts… Airport staff. A cheap guitar will break eventually.
Damaged resonance box, broken neck, twisted paddle.
So when I get home, I fix them. Quick, Cheap and not to fancy
I’ll use glue, tape, spikes, nails, screws.

And I mark the restored part with a Zebra pattern.
Not for a specific reason, I just think it looks good.

I have “Zebra Marked” about 15 guitars. And gave them to friends.
As a present or as a souvenir.
I kept a couple for myself. And play them all day, every day