Picture Wall By


I made this 30ft long collage from all my favorite pictures. It has over 300 foto’s in various sizes ranging from 10/15 cm up to 50/50 cm.
It is a selection of pictures from holiday trips over the last 2 years.
The picture frames are fixed on the wall with velcro tape. So the frames can easily be removed to change the picture.
Normally you store picture in a file and look at them once a year, on birthday’s or special occasions.
This way you can enjoy the pictures of all your favorite moments all day long, every day.
And with every new holiday you just change them.

I think it is also a nice way of decorating the wall’s in your livingroom or in the hallway or the staircase. In my livingroom I have chosen to print the photo’s in black and white for the main part of the collage. (All color’s woul’d be to much I think)
And on the far end of the wall the photo’s graduatly change to a brown/sepia tone. This because it then color matches our leather couch, and curtains.
I chose to use only white photo frames and lined them up very tight in a random size order.