Class-A MOSFET Amplifier By


For my first amplifer project, i decided to build this simple amp based on Mark Housten ZCA design. You can visit for more information.

Single-Ended Class-A MOSFET Amplifier Schematic


For the power resistor I used one 15ohm 100w wirewound resistor from Arcol. Instead of a potmeter on the input I used one 47,5kohm resistor. As I plan on using the volume control on my PC, I dont want any unnecessary parts to ruin the sound. The mosfet I got from Ebay. Bypass Caps are Mundorf Mcap supreme. I just happend to have them laying around. I belive there are other cheaper caps that will do the job just as good. The wire from the RCA connectors are pure silver with teflon insulation. The rest of the wires are cheap solid copper.


Class-A MOSFET Amplifier Power Supply Schematic



For the choke I used two 4,7mH, one at the positiv rail and one at the negativ. The big electrolyt caps are 15000µF from rifa(x4)